January 24 – 28

This week’s theme is “Penguins” and the letter “Ii.” On Wednesday and Thursday, wear black and white like a penguin.

In math, we will focus on learning about weight – which objects are heavier and lighter than others.  For extra stickers, weigh your child at home and bring their weight to class.  

Don’t Forget:  On Mondays and Tuesdays, we will have a graph of the day.  When entering the class, please take your child to the graph, read the question, and have your child place their marker in the appropriate column.

On Tuesday, we will have  practice Fire Drill at 11A.M.  Teachers will discuss procedures with students, and there is a parent handout on our emergency procedures in each class.

Also, be sure to check the sign up sheet for a special snack Wed. and Thurs. of this week and our Lunar New Year’s Party on Feb. 2nd & 3rd.

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