March 14 – 18

This week’s theme is “St. Patrick’s Day;” our letter is “Xx;” and our math focus is a hexagon – also noting it’s a six sided shape.  We will not be having a formal St. Patrick’s Day party, but please wear green on Wednesday and Thursday.

Look for the Tanaka Farms sign up sheet in Mrs. Hernandez’s classroom.  The trip is on Tuesday, March 29th, from 10:30 to 12:30.  The cost is $12 per child (2 and under free) and $6.00 per adult.  The cost includes a wagon ride, tour of the farm, eating fresh produce and as many strawberries as you can straight off the vine, and a basket of strawberries for children paying $12. 

Our Frogg’s Bounce House field trip will be Thursday, March 31st, at 10:30.  You will pay directly at the door (There will not be a sign up sheet.); when you arrive, be sure to mention you are with OC Tiny Tots.  Cost will be $5 per child (18 months and under free) and $3 per adult.

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