April 4 – 8

Welcome to Spring Session #1!  We look forward to expanding our learning, friendships, and fun!  This week’s theme is “The Ocean,” as it is National Week of the Ocean.  Our letter focus will be the letter “Ee;” in math, we will continue to study number recognition of the numbers 1-30. 

Please make sure to arrive at school on time; it is disruptive to all students when students come in to class late.  If you are late, please wait until snack time (10:00) to enter the class.

Be sure to print out the April Enrichment Calender as an at home connection.  As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher.  This calendar provides age appropriate and developmentally enriching activities for your youngster.  We recommend that activities outside of class be fun, enjoyable, and not taxing on your student.  We learn a lot at school and time at home is best spent learning in a fun and interesting way. 

If you are looking for more at home ideas, we suggest you preview the letter of the week with your child, the sound(s) it makes, and brainstorm words that begin with that sound.  You can have a scavenger hunt (use your Easter basket) and collect items in the house that begin with that letter.  Keep the basket visible all week and add items if you can. 

As for math, point to the calendar and look at the days of the week, the date, month, and year.  All of these suggestions help strengthen your student’s academic achievement as well as building self-esteem. 

Socially, encourage your child to have conversations with you and their friends.  Children should be participating in longer and more reciprocal interactions with familiar adults.  They should also take greater initiative in these interactions without being prompted by an adult.

We look forward to building the foundation for your child’s success!

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