April 11 – 15

This week’s theme is “National Library Week.”  We will be discovering more about books and their genres.  Our letter is “Yy,” and our math focus will be to begin to identify number word names.

Last Friday we began our Student of the Day Book Bags.  When your child is Student of the Day, they will get the opportunity to choose a classroom book to take home and borrow in the class Book Bag.  Not only is reading one of the most important learning experiences for students, but the Book Bag will also teach responsibility and independent choice.  Please return the book and Book Bag at your child’s next class meeting.  If your student comes daily, they will have 2 days with the Book Bag. 

New to Tiny Tots on Fridays is our Journal Writing.  On Fridays, students will complete a journal entry – an illustration based on our week’s theme followed by a written description.  Students will be asked to composes a complete sentence with a topic, an event, and a setting.  Depending on each student’s level, parents will either write the dictated sentence or students will sound out words and transfer them to print (invented spelling).  Students will also focus on writing skills, such as the fact that sentences begin with an uppercase letter and end with a punctuation mark.

All journal entries will be compiled into a book at the end of the school year; therefore, you will not see these going home each Friday.  If you’d like to look at your child’s work, please let a teacher know.

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