Summer Science ABCs and 123s

Welcome to our SUMMER SESSION!  Please see our link for Student of the Day; we will NOT be doing Show & Tell during the summer.   Please be on the look out for upcoming field trips and special events. 

We will have park days on Wed. & Thurs. from 9:15-10AM.  Please apply sunscreen and don’t forget to bring hats and glasses.  Miss Nora, a certificated early education teacher, will be joining us again this summer on Mondays & Wednesdays!! On Tuesdays, Miss Chauna will assist.  We will have a new and exciting theme each week, and we will continue to integrate language arts, math, and science into the curriculum.  

Please sign up to volunteer twice during the session. If you are unable to meet this requirement, you will be charged a no-volunteer fee of $12 for each unfulfilled time.   The $25 materials fee is also due the first day of class.  Please bring a bucket to tote belongings along with an extra set of clothes for emergencies.

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