September 19 – 23

We had a fabulous first week getting to know our new students!  We have a great group of eager learners.  Beginning this week, our Tuesday/Thursday classes will be split in half.  (Class lists will be emailed to each parent.)  Please sign your child in on the clipboard in your assigned teacher’s class.  The wall partition will be open each morning during free play, so all students can interact and play freely in either classroom.  Then after clean-up, students will begin carpet time with their personal teacher, and at that time, the partition will be closed until the end of class.  Beginning the week of September 26th, all classes will be split each day and follow the same procedure.

This week’s theme is “Fall Animals.”  We will explore animals, such as mice and squirrels.  In addition, our focus will be the letter “Mm,” counting, and identifying numbers 6-10.


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