October 10 – 14

This week’s theme is “Fall Leaves,” and our special number of number of the week is 13.  We will also learn to recognize the letter “Bb,” while learning the sound it makes.  Please hunt for 1-2 leaves to bring to class for special projects and songs.


  • If time permits, students will go to the playground equipment on Thursdays and Fridays.  Be sure to wear a Tiny Tots t-shirt ($8 for purchase) or a yellow or blue top on those days.  Students are encouraged to come to class wearing sunscreen and bringing a hat (and sunglasses) in their bucket.  Tennis shoes w/socks are the preferred footwear of choice on playground days.
  • If you are a Facebook user, please visit and “Like” our OC Tiny Tots page.
  • To continue learning at home, please click on the “Calendars” link above.  Then click on “At Home Enrichment Activities.”

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