October 24 – 28

Welcome to the Second Fall Session!! Students have learned so much in the 1st 6 weeks of this year, and we are excited to continue on our path of learning. exploration, becoming independent, and making new friends. 

Remember each student’s materials fee ($20) is due the first day of class to your child’s teacher.  We also have t-shirts available for $8.  The Student of the Day calendar will be posted the second week of the session after all enrollment is complete.

This week’s theme is “Halloween,” and our number of the week is 15.  We will focus on recognizing the letter “Hh” and knowing the sound it makes.  If your student is new to our class, we have already covered the letters “Ss, Mm, Nn, Tt, Rr, and Bb” and the numbers 1-14.  You may want introduce these letters and numbers as the weeks progress along with the current letter and number of the week.

Our first Halloween Parade will be on Thursday, October 27th at 11:15 (for T/Th students).  Students can come to school in costume that day.  We ask that any weapons be left at home.  Please sign the sign up sheet to bring a treat (There is only 1 sheet for both classes.). 

The second Halloween Parade will be Monday, October 31st at 11:15.  Again, check with either teacher for the sign up sheet for treats.

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