December 5 – 9

Thank you to all of the families that visited us at the Tree Lighting on Saturday evening.  We enjoyed meeting new families and seeing our past and present students!!

This week’s theme continues with “Winter Wonderland,” the letter “Gg,”  and the number 20.  Students are encouraged to bring 20 items in a baggie to count for the class to earn extra stickers. 

Our PJ Parties (holiday celebrations) will be on Thursday and Friday from 11-12.  Students may come to school dressed in their favorite pajamas.  The goodie sign-up sheet is located in Mrs. Hernandez’s room on her sign-on table.

If your child is celebrating a birthday at school and you are brining goodies, please note that celebrations will be the last 20 minutes of class (unless otherwise discussed with your child’s teacher).

This is the LAST week for our Fall Sessions!  Winter Session #1 begins January 9, 2012.  Please check the Fountain Pen for registration dates and fees.  Students have made tremendous progress in both their academic and social skills, and we are very proud teachers!

NOTE: There are 2012 calendars available for $18 and OC Tiny Tots t-shirts for $8.  (Please see Mrs. Goodenough)

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