June 4 – 8

This is the LAST week of our Spring Session!!! For some of our students, the next step will be KINDERGARTEN in the Fall! WOW! We would still love to see you during our Summer Science ABCs and 123s Summer Session, but we congratulate you on all of your hard work and accomplishments!! We are so PROUD of you!

We have several events this week: Donuts for Dads (Monday & Tuesday 9-9:30) and our Graduation Luncheon (Thursday & Friday 11-12:00).

Please sign up outside the classrooms to bring items to the graduation party! We still need buns, plates, hot dogs, etc…  Please note that volunteers this week will be limited to 3 volunteers per class/day as our session comes to an end.  If you have not volunteered twice this session, a fee will be assessed and sent home Monday and Tuesday of this week. (Fees due by Friday, June 8th)

Our theme will be “Father’s Day,” review of all letters, and review of math concepts. Please bring your favorite book to school this week to share with the class and earn extra stickers.

Homework of the week: We had a student bring in a list, compiled with his family, of 150 “sh” words and another with 101 words!!  Nice work!

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