Welcome Back to School!!

Welcome back to Tiny Tots!  We are looking forward to seeing our returning students and excited to meet our new friends.  We offer quality differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs/expectations of all students in a nurturing and positive environment. This session, Miss Johnson and Mrs. Hernandez have planned an exciting learning experience filled with many opportunities for academic learning, mastery of skills, and social growth.  Please remember  to sign up to volunteer at least twice per session and to bring your $20 materials fee the first day of class.  Our theme this week is “Back to School!”  Our language arts letter of the week is the letter “Ss,” and our math focus will be on the numbers 1-5.  At home, practice counting out 5 objects, like crayons, books, socks, or buttons.  For a more advanced curriculum, see if your student can estimate what you might have “five of” around the house.  For instance, an accurate response might be, “We have 5 chairs at the table.”  Or, “We have five towels in the bathroom.”  Thank you for choosing OC Tiny Tots for your child’s educational and social needs.

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