January 22 – 25 (NO SCHOOL Monday)

This week we will continue the theme “Colors,” and our new letter will be “Ii.”  The number for Mrs. Goodenough’s class will be #24.  We have covered 2 sight words: “he” and “the.”  This week we will add “I.” (Have your students try and find these words when you are reading.)

Miss Johnson’s students will be reviewing basic numbers and counting skills as well as letter recognition and sounds.

Stickers: Friday is National Opposite Day, so please wear mismatched clothes for extra stickers.  In addition to this opportunity for stickers, students can count out 24 objects and bring them in a baggie to class.  Miss Johnson’s students can try 24 objects or bring in 20.  Or, if you have a favorite book about colors, bring it to share with the class!


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