April 29 – May 3

This week’s theme is a children’s classic book, Harold and the Purple Crayon.  We will also begin to study the “h brothers.”  These are 2 letters put together to make one sound: ch, sh, wh, and th.   This week “h brother” is “ch.” Please bring a list of “ch” words for extra stickers.  Or, if you have another book in the series Harold and the Purple Crayon, please bring to share with the class.  Below is the link to our book.


haroldIn  math, we will begin to study geometric solids, like sphere, cylinder, and pyramid. We will also review numbers 11-20.

Please be reminded that this is the last week of Spring Session #1.  Spring Session #2 begins directly afterwards.  Please, please, please register this week and not on the Monday/Tuesday of the new session; this really helps us to configure classes, purchase materials, and prep for our new session.  We thank you for your continued support in your child’s education!

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