Yeah for Our Learners!

This was sent to us by one of our parents: “Today was (my student’s) kindergarten placement testing. She did fantastic!!! She knew everything they asked! They showed her the letters upper and lower case she knew them, they showed her the numbers she knew it, they asked her to count to 20 she counted to 40, they asked her colors and shapes, she recited them with ease, alphabet song piece of cake, writing her name no problem. Then because (I) brought her most recent preschool assessment, they even tested her on blended words and sight words which was not required. They were very impressed with her and stated she was more than ready for Kindergarten. So thank you OC Tiny Tots you have more than prepared my daughter for Kindergarten and I am so grateful to have found your program! feeling proud.”  We are so proud of our students’ efforts and know they will ALL succeed in KINDERGARTEN!!

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