June 17 – 21: The 5 Senses

This will be our first week of the Summer Session.  Our main focus will be science this summer, but we will also integrate math and language arts. Our first focus will be the 5 Senses.  We will explore how we use our 5 senses to navigate the world around us as we taste, smell, touch, hear, and look through our experiments.


For students new to our program, please come prepared with a bucket (like for mopping) marked with your child’s name, a change of clothes in a zip lock baggie (for accidents/spills), a snack (only if your child has any food allergies), all of your paperwork (download from the “Parent Forms/Information” page), and your $20 materials fee.

If weather permits, we will go to the park on Thursday and Friday mornings, so please come prepared those days with sunscreen applied and a hat/sunglasses.  You can also leave sunscreen in your child’s bucket just in case.  We are so excited for a fun-filled summer of science and adventures in learning!

**Please note: There is no Show & Tell in the summer.

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