September 16 – 20

We had an AWESOME first week back to school.   I am so excited for how well all of our new friends have adjusted to their new school!  And our returning friends have shown great leadership in helping guide new friends in class procedures and routines.

This week’s theme is “Apples,” the letter “Aa,” and in math we will look at the #’s 2 & 3.  Please check under the “Calendar” heading on our webpage for our new calendar with themes, important dates, and Student of the Day.  (This will be up by the end of the weekend.)


When your student is Student of the Day, they will be able to bring a special object from home to share with the class.  We suggest the object ties in with the theme of the week, like starting with the letter of the week or bringing in a certain amount of objects to correspond with our numbers.  Students will present the object to the class and should be able to give us 3 clues to guess what they have.

For extra stickers this week, please bring in a book about apples!

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