October 28 – November 1

Welcome to Fall Session #2!  If you are a new student, you will need the following: a large bucket marked with your name, a change of clothes in a Ziploc baggie, and your new student paperwork (please print/read/sign – under “Parent Forms/Information”).  All students will need an adult to sign up twice to volunteer (or pay $24 fee) and their $20 materials fee (any checks made to Mrs. Goodenough).

This week’s theme is “Halloween,” the letter “Vv,” and the #11.  We will have our costume parties on Thursday and Friday from 11-12 PM.  Students are welcome to come in costume those day, but please leave any weapons at home.  If their costume is intricate (meaning they can’t use the restroom without assistance), please have students come to school in their regular clothes.  (We will help dress them for the party.)  If you have signed up to bring an item, please bring it with your child the morning of their party.

For extra stickers this week, please bring a list of words that begin with “Vv” or your favorite Halloween book!

Our Student of the Day calendar will be up soon.  If you register late, your student’s name will not appear.  But, we will set up two dates for them following registration.


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