January 6 – 10

Welcome back to school and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Our theme this week is “Hibernating Animals,” the letter “Ii,” and the #18.  For our older students, we will begin our sight words.  The first word is “the.”  Younger students will be exposed each week, too, but they will not be expected to master these words.  Please bring a list of words that begin with the “Ii” sound, 18 objects in a baggie, or a book about hibernation for extra stickers.

For our new students, please bring a bucket (like a mop bucket) marked with your student’s name, a baggie with a change of clothes (to stay in the bucket), parent forms (please print and sign), your materials fee ($20), and $7 for a t-shirt (optional).  We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to our class.  If you should have any questions, please email Mrs. Goodenough at sdgooden@yahoo.com.

Student of the Day Calendar will be up soon.  If you have not yet registered (previous students whether enrolled yet or not are already included), you will be added the first week of school.  For Student of the Day, please bring a special object to share with the class and be prepared to give us three clues to what you have brought.  We will guess before you share (please no weapons of any kind).

Enjoy your last days of vacation!

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