September 15-19

We had a fantastic first week of school! It was great to meet our new friends and see our returning students after their summer break.

This week’s theme is “I Can.” We will focus on the skills we “can” do. Please bring an empty tin can (like a soup can) to aid in our week’s activities. We will also focus on the letter Mm and the numbers 1 & 2.

During the first weeks of school, we will be heavily focusing on our character education, specifically sharing and taking turns. Please practice these skills at home, too. Role play is a great way to reinforce these ideas. Ask your student: What would you do if someone grabbed a toy from you? (We want students to be proactive and not immediately run to an adult.). What else could you do if someone has a toy, puzzle, etc. that you want to play with? How can you share an item in the class? How do you feel if someone doesn’t share with you?

We will begin Student of the Day this week. The calendar should be up by the end of the weekend. (Please click on “Calendar” on our home page.) When it’s your student’s turn, please have them bring a special item to share with the class that day. They should be prepared to give us 3 clues about the item, so that the class can guess what they have.

If you should have any questions please email Mrs. Goodenough at

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