October 20-24

This is the first week of the second fall session! Our theme will be “Pumpkins,” the letter Pp, and the numbers 11 & 12. Students can bring a list of words that begin with “Pp” or a small pumpkin for us to “study” for extra stickers.

We’d like to welcome all of our new students. We ask that new families please print, read, and sign all of our forms under the heading “Parent Forms/Information.” In this information, you will find what your student will need to bring to class as well as much more valuable insight into our program.

The Student of the Day calendar will be up by next Wednesday. Also, please check the sign in table for our Halloween sign up sheets for our class parties (Thursday 30th & Friday 31st). If your student doesn’t participate in Halloween, please let me know and we can schedule a make up day.


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