September 28-October 1

This week’s theme is “Fine Motor Skills,” the letter Rr, and numbers 7-10.  We will focus on cutting, lacing, gluing, and classroom skills that require us to engage our fine motor capabilities. (Older students will engage in activities that meet their needs.)

Please check the calendar for your student’s show and tell day.  Students can bring an item hidden in a bag that begins with Rr for extra stickers. And/or, practice counting out objects of varying numbers.  For example, show your student the number 7, and then have them count out 7 pennies. Do this for the numbers 0-10 and send a note to school that he/she has completed this with you for extra sticklers.

Parents, please remember to have your student use the potty BEFORE class begins. We have had many students who need to go once I begin instruction. Thank you for all of your help and support in our children’s education!

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