February 16 – 19


Welcome to our next session. New families, please see the parent forms and information header to read, print, sign, and return your class paperwork.

This week’s theme is “Teamwork,” the letter Ff, review of numbers 0-20, and review of our sight words. Please talk with your student(s) about how you can work as a family team and brainstorm how kids can work as a team at school.

Please Note: This session runs through March 18th. The Rec. Center made a scheduling error and only listed 4 weeks in the brochure. If you have already paid for the session, you can pay an additional fee ($50 for T/Th; $75 for M/W/F; $125 for M-F) to extend the class to the full 5 weeks, rather than the 4 weeks listed in the Fountain Pen. Thank you for your patience.

We had a great Lunar New Year at school; ate lots of yummy foods; and enjoyed sharing new customs with each other! Thank you to all our families who made us such delicious treats!

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