January 16-20

This week’s theme is “the author, Mo Willems,” the letter Kk, review of #s 1-20, and the sight word “see.”

The student of the day calendar is posted. Please check for your student’s 2 days. (Remember: no weapons for show and tell.) Students can bring an item of their choice to share with the class and give us 3 clues to guess their item. It’s always a good idea to practice at home first. 

We will most likely go to the park on Monday and Tuesday, as it may rain at the end of the week.

Please practice counting to 20 at home – bring a zip loc baggie of 20 items on Monday or Tuesday for extra stickers. 

Next week we will celebrate Lunar New Year on Thursday and Friday. Please look for a sign up sheet by the end of this week.

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