March 13-17

Next week is the final week of the session. We will have the following two weeks off. Please grab your class upcoming events flyer on the sign in table. There are a lot of important dates and information listed.

This week’s theme is “St. Patrick’s Day, the letter Ww, the shape: rectangular prism, and the sight word: of.

Be sure to wear GREEN Thursday and Friday for extra stickers!

Please be respectful our sick policies and do not bring students to school within 24 hrs. of vomiting or a fever. Also, remind your child not to share food at school and to keep their hand and toys out of their mouth, nose, and away from their eyes. 

Miss Gina’s goodbye party is open to ALL friends who have participated in her classes through the years. The party is Friday at noon in Parkview A. Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

Thank you to all our families for making our program so special!

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