September 18 – 22

This week’s theme is “School Skills,” the letter Mm, #s 2 & 3, and the social skill is taking turns.

We will begin Student of the Day this week! Please check the online calendar to see your student’s 2 times in the session. When they are Student of the Day, they also have Show and Tell. Remember, there are no weapons allowed for Show and Tell. Students are encouraged to pick something from home that they want to show the class. They will need to hide their item in a bag or behind their back, give 3 clues, and then present the object to us.

If you haven’t already paid your $20 regular class materials fee or $5 enrichment class fee, please give to Miss Kelsey this week.  There are also school t-shirts for sale for $7.

We are off to a great start, and the students are doing a fabulous job!


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