September 17-21

This week’s theme is “Back to School,” the letter Mm, and #’s 2 & 3.

We will begin Student of the Day this week! Please check the calendar for your student’s name. On your student’s day, they will have Show & Tell. They can bring an item (toy, book, etc.) from home to share with the class (no toy weapons). They will give us 3 clues to the item, and our job is to guess their item. It’s a good idea to think of 3 clues at home before school.

Park days are Thursday and Friday. Please come prepared with a water bottle, hat, and wearing sunscreen.

We are off to a successful start of the year; students are doing great so far with learning our routines and procedures. We are going to have a FABULOUS year!

Please mark your calendar, phones, etc. with your student’s new schedules. We have had many late pick ups so far. School is from 9 AM – 12 PM, and the enrichment class (for those enrolled) is M/W until 1:30 PM. Remember, there is a late fee assessed for each minute after 12:10. Please notify the office if you will be late: 714-839-8611.

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