November 5-8; no school Friday

There is No School Friday (rec center is closed).

This week’s theme is “Pilgrims,” the letter Vv, and #s 12 & 13. We will learn how and why the Pilgrims traveled to America and how their lives were very different from ours in what they did , how they dressed, and how they got their food and homes.

Welcome to our final Fall Session!! Our session ends December 14th!

Please have all your non-volunteer fees and $20 materials fee ready on your first day of class. If your fees go unpaid, your student may be dropped from our roster.

Please register by Tuesday in person. We currently have a waiting list with students ready to join our classes, and students not on a paid roster by Tuesday afternoon will be dropped.

It is essential to our program and the education of your children to have an accurate account of who will be attending classes (days, times, etc). Materials must be purchased and our curriculum changes based on students and their needs.

Thank you for your understanding and support of your children and their classmates!!!

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