January 28 – February 1

This is the last week of this session!!! You will need to register in person (if you haven’t registered already) before the start of next week. This also means all non-volunteer fees will be due by Friday. Good news: starting in April, parents will be asked to volunteer a minimum of 1 time per session!!

Our theme this week is the book, Snowy Day. We will also focus on the letter Qq and more 2D shapes.

Remember to sign up for your parent/teacher conference on the sign in table.

For extra at home practice, see if your student can draw a circle, oval, square, and rectangle. (Bring to school.) Ask: how many sides does each shape have? Where can you find a circle in our house? An oval, rectangle, and square? If this is too easy, have them draw a hexagon and octagon!! Can you find those in your daily life????

Keep up the good work students; we’re having such a great year – learning and growing a lot. We are proud of each each individual student for their own personal growth.

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