Parent Feature

We have such amazing families, and we’d like to share their personal business ventures with you! Let’s support those in our very own community.

Our very first feature is Scarlett’s mom, Carly, and her business, Luna and Lou.

A bit about the company: Life is flying by, and you want your kids to feel excitement around each holiday. That’s why we create a festive pillowcase each month. They feel the joy of each season, and you maintain a tradition without lifting a finger!

It all started with Scarlett’s great grandmother, Louise. As a single mother of seven, Grandma wanted desperately to make each holiday special for her children despite her lack of resources. Instead of frantically trying to do it all, she simply welcomed the changing of seasons and created holiday excitement by slipping a festive pillowcase on to each child’s bed each month. We hope you join with us in carrying on a simple, heartfelt tradition.

Here’s the link to Easter Pillowcases:

Hers the code for 10% off: TINYTOTS

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