January 31 – February 4

This week’s theme is “Lunar New Year,” and our letter focus is “Kk.”  In math, we will focus on learning about the shape, crescent.  For extra stickers, make a list or draw pictures of objects that are shaped like a crescent.  In addition, bring in a list of words that begin with the letter “Kk.” On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have ourContinue reading “January 31 – February 4”

January 24 – 28

This week’s theme is “Penguins” and the letter “Ii.” On Wednesday and Thursday, wear black and white like a penguin. In math, we will focus on learning about weight – which objects are heavier and lighter than others.  For extra stickers, weigh your child at home and bring their weight to class.   Don’t Forget:  On Mondays and Tuesdays,Continue reading “January 24 – 28”

January 17 – 21

This week’s theme is “Winnie the Pooh,” as National Pooh Day is January 18th.  On Wednesday and Thursday, please bring your favorite stuffed teddy bear or Pooh character to class to share with your friends. In math, we will continue learning our geometric solids, as we focus on a cylinder this week.  For extra stickers, pleaseContinue reading “January 17 – 21”

Congratulations Blyleven Family

Help us in congratulating the Blyleven Family as our students’ grandfather, Bert Blyleven, was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on January 5, 2011.  The right-handed pitcher won 287 games and ranks fifth all-time in strikeouts – with 3,701 in his career.  Mr. Blyleven’s 60 career shutouts are the ninth-most ever!  Besides being anContinue reading “Congratulations Blyleven Family”

Back to School in 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to OC Tiny Tots!  This week’s theme is “Winter;” our letter of the week is “Ff;” and our math focus is a cube.  There will be no Show and Tell or Student of the Day this week, and calendars will be handed out Monday, Jan. 17th.  If you have aContinue reading “Back to School in 2011”

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