Back to School in 2011


Welcome back to OC Tiny Tots!  This week’s theme is “Winter;” our letter of the week is “Ff;” and our math focus is a cube.  There will be no Show and Tell or Student of the Day this week, and calendars will be handed out Monday, Jan. 17th.  If you have a favorite “Winter” themed book, please bring to school for us to read.

We have many new students enrolled this session, and we are excited to expand our Tiny Tots circle of friends!

August 9-13 Clasroom Focus

Students will be examining “The Rainforest” as well as learning the letter “Gg.”  Please ask your student the 2 sounds “Gg” makes (as in gorilla and giraffe).  See if your student and you can make a list of words that begin with “Gg” and bring it in for 2 stickers for their sticker chart or post the list below!

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