Our mission is to best prepare your child academically and socially for kindergarten by teaching the skills necessary to meet the CA State Preschool Learning Foundations and CCSS.

Therefore, we differentiate our instruction based on each student’s ability and needs. Classes focus on the social-emotional development of students as well as the academic foundations in language and literacy, English-language development, and mathematics.  In addition, students learn problem solving and appreciating each other’s unique abilities.

Throughout the year, we focus on kindergarten readiness skills such as letter recognition (alphabetic and word/print recognition), oral language (phonological awareness), concepts about print, number  sense, counting, sorting, patterns, comparing, shapes, colors, and calendar skills.  Students will learn to raise their hand, wait their turn, and follow multi-step directions.

When ready, students learn on phonological and phonemic awareness, writing strategies, concepts of time, measurement, the relationship between numbers and quantities, and kindergarten behavior expectations.   

Classes focus on the social-emotional and cognitive competencies necessary for kindergarten readiness and school success.  Play, structured group activities, and games are a central context for social and emotional development.  Classes will integrate dramatic play, crafts, projects, music, songs, and stories into the learning experience. We believe children learn by doing, so teachers and parents will only serve to guide students in completing their projects. In addition, students gain exposure and real life experiences through local field trips. 

Daily Schedule:

9:00-9:20: Entrance/Free Play

9:20-10:00: Instructional Time

10:00-10:30: Snack/Restroom Break/Free Play

10:30-10:40:  Instructional Time

10:40-11:45: Craft/Projects

11:45-12:00: Clean Up/Dismissal

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