“We would like to sincerely thank you for the amazing time our daughter had in your classes and the developmental progress she made over the past year. We were lucky to find your school, and we will always be grateful for the solid foundation you helped us lay for the education of our daughter. You have definitely touched her with your kind and gentle way and the cheerful memories she made at OC Tiny Tots will stay with her for years.” – OC Tiny Tots Dad

“You are so humble, you are the one with the heart of gold. I never got to speak with you about my hesitation with sending my son to preschool, especially after having a bad experience a couple years before when I tried to send him in the past through a different school. You have been pure magic, not just with him, but as I have witnessed, with each and every child you interact with. Even my eldest daughter, told me the first day she met you in person, “She is so patient and calm.” You emanate all that is good and positive and we have been so blessed and fortunate to know you. 

My son just adores you, I feel his heart skip a beat when I give him any update about you or your Zoom lessons (he actually keeps reminding me until it is time) or a video you have posted or something you said that comes up. I’m sure all the kids feel that way about you, but for me being his mom, I know how selective he is about people and that shows me a lot about how you have touched his life and so many others. 

You have touched my life with your dedication and heart. Thank you so much from my core, happy teacher appreciation week to you.” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“Our daughter has been attending for a few months now. Mrs. Goodenough is our kid’s instructor and to be honest, her name says it all. She is indeed good and our kid can’t get enough of her class. Mrs. Goodenough is such a good teacher and this is coming from someone in the education profession as well. She works with the kids and caters to each kid’s needs and learning level that they are currently in. I’m so happy our daughter is doing so well in her class. I have no doubt that it’s because of the safe, warm, and educational atmosphere along with her instructor’s lessons that is making her mentally grow so quickly. As soon as my son is old enough, he will also be attending.” -OC Tiny Tots Dad

“My daughter has been going to OC Tiny Tots for almost a year and to see the improvement in her learning has made me so happy and proud. My daughter comes home talking about all the activities they did in class, what she learned, and is making new friends. Love seeing the excitement in her when she attends school. Mrs. Goodenough is a great teacher!!!” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“OC Tiny Tots is amazing. We were looking for a preschool to help my son with social skills and academic structure. We were lucky to have found Mrs. Goodenough and staff. She exceeded my expectations!! She is an excellent teacher who is kind and cares about each child’s progress. She made the class so much fun that my son didn’t even know he was working on some of the most important skills. With just only one summer session, my son thrived socially and was academically confident for Kinder. We couldn’t believe how much he matured over just one summer. My only regret was that we found OC Tiny Tots the summer before he entered Kinder and wished I had found them sooner. I highly recommend OC Tiny Tots to all parents and to start as soon as possible. Thank you OC Tiny Tots and Mrs. Goodenough!!!” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“OC Tiny Tots is Awesome! My daughter is in their summer program; she has enjoyed going to class since the 1st day. I am beyond satisfied with how professional, warm, and friendly Mrs. Goodenough is and all the other teachers, too. They really get it and care about all the students. She has learned so much. I wish I would have known about them sooner! Definitely recommend them to anyone I know.” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“Tiny Tots helped pave the way for both of my sons’ future education! Research shows that children who attend a quality preschool between the ages of 3 to 5 benefit in so many ways beyond their elementary and secondary school careers. Mrs. Goodenough started by sons on this path, and helped foster their love for learning and desire to question. She gave them opportunities to be independent and self sufficient, which turned into confidence. As a former teacher, I have never seen a better managed classroom. Mrs. Goodenough has the natural ability to connect with children of all ages. She’s funny, witty, nurturing, but firm, respected, and loved by her students. She takes a special interest in all they do and exposes them to a multitude of learning opportunities throughout the day. From learning to sit on on the carpet and raise your hand during circle time to reading sight words, she teaches it. Her class isn’t just about academics though, it’s also about learning through play, collaboration, and problem solving. The children in her class are happy! They work, play, and engage with one another; lifelong skills we all want for our children. I’m pleased to say, my sons still maintain their friendships post Tiny Tots, and are doing well in school. Tiny Tots truly gives children the foundation they need to be successful. Thank you Mrs. Goodenough!” -OC Tiny Tots Mom

Here are a few recent testimonials.  Please leave your own review of our program below if you’d like.

“I just wanted to thank you for giving [my son] a great year and helping him change his view on school. I am so glad we left [our previous school] and came to you. I feel so confident in his ability for next year! Didn’t have that same feeling in September. I think your program is amazing, and I am in awe to how much [my son] has learned this year.” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“Thank you so much for all of the feedback regarding [my daughter’s] transition into her new class. In the short time she’s been there, we have noticed an increase in her vocabulary and the quality of her conversations has also improved. We’ve been really impressed with what we have seen thus far and we look forward to her continued progress.” – OC Tiny Tots Mom

“[My daughter] is doing very well in [kindergarten].  She is the student of the month for December based on academics.  Her teacher adores her for being a well behaved student and calls her a role model.  They were surprised that she is the second youngest in class.  She is reading and writing but, of course, misspelling some words in the cutest ways.  We were happy to see she received all 3’s out of a 1-3 point system on her first report card.  She is still relatively quiet in class, but her teacher informed me that she has opened up a lot more in the past two months.  I wanted to thank you once again for starting her out on the right footing by being her preschool teacher.”  – OC Tiny Tots Mom
“Today was [my student’s] kindergarten placement testing. She did fantastic!!! She knew everything they asked! They showed her the letters upper and lower case she knew them, they showed her the numbers she knew it, they asked her to count to 20 she counted to 40, they asked her colors and shapes, she recited them with ease, alphabet song piece of cake, writing her name no problem. Then because I brought her most recent preschool assessment, they even tested her on blended words and sight words which was not required. They were very impressed with her and stated she was more than ready for Kindergarten. So thank you OC Tiny Tots you have more than prepared my daughter for kindergarten and I am so grateful to have found your program! feeling proud.” – OC Tiny Tots Mom


12 thoughts on “Testimonials/Reviews

  1. Dear Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Goodenough,

    I want to tell you how impressed I am with your program. My son Jack (age 4 1/2) completed one summer session but I wish I had enrolled him in multiple sessions in preparation for Kindergarten. You two show what an impact outstanding teachers can make on young minds. You don’t need a fancy classroom to have real learning and growing taking place. What an asset you are to our kids and our community.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Ramsey

  2. Hi Marina and Stephanie,

    Jasmyn and Karsten did great at their kindergarten “interview” at Northcutt. They knew their numbers, shapes, spelled and read a few words. At one point one of the teachers turned around and from her interview and said “genius!” when she overheard Karsten’s responses.

    We are so proud of them and it’s all thanks to the both of you. From the first day to the last day of Tiny Tots, they have enjoyed every single moment. We have watched them grow and develop under your tutelage and will be forever grateful that they had such a wonderful start. Your program prepared them for kindergarten, and now they are already ahead of the curve.

    Thanks again and we hope to keep in touch to keep you both updated on their progress. Tiny Tots is a great program with great teachers like you who show so much care, love, and patience.

    Karl & Jacqi Schubert

  3. Dear Marina and Stephanie –
    Just a little note to say Thank You for all your hard work with the girls this past year. I just can’t say enough good things about the Tiny Tots program and the wonderful environment you both create. Olivia and Isabel have started kindergarten and are more than prepared and ready thanks to your instruction.

    Thank You – Victoria Grammas

    P.S., love the pics you posted

  4. Dear Tiny Tots and Families, Mrs. Goodenough & Mrs. Saros,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful birthday surprises last week. I had so much fun! You all made me feel so special. I appreciate your cards, birthday wishes, and gifts. Thank you for celebrating with me.

    Mrs. Hernandez

  5. “My son thoroughly enjoys going to school and learning. Thank you for making his early education experiences positive and effective. It will only help him as he continues to embark on his education. He looks forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. His brother is also looking forward to starting school. We will sign him up in the fall. Because of his big brother’s positive experience, he is now potty trained so he can go to school. I look forward to helping next week and thanks again for all you have done to help educate my son. It is much appreciated.” – Parent, February 2011

  6. “Thank you so much for your patience and help with our daughter. We are noticing that she is a lot more independent now. Our little girl has grown out of her shell so fast. Again thank you so much. Words can not express how grateful we are.”
    – Parent, February 2011

  7. Good evening!

    Bella and Allie LOVE the class; the amount of material they have learned and skills they have acquired in such a brief time can only be a compliment to your teaching and the relationship you have with your students. You have made such a positive and powerful impression on the start of their formal education and have armed me with effective teaching methods for their “informal” learning. I appreciate your time and patience with them and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.

    Thank you.

  8. We have had a wonderful week learning about healthy food choices and how to keep our bodies strong with exercise. Thank you to Miss Victoria for teaching us some fun dance moves, Mrs. Johnson for the amazing Yoga class, and Masters Chris and Claire from Victory TKD for teaching us the benefits of martial arts. We look forward to playing soccer with “Coach” Blyleven on Friday. Thank you to our special guests for sharing their talents with us!

  9. We have had a wonderful week learnign about healthy food choices and how to keep our bodies strong with exercise. Thank you to Miss Victoria for teaching us some fun dance moves, Mrs. Johnson for the amazing Yoga class, and Masters Chris & Claire from Victory TKD for teaching us the benefits of martial arts. We look forward to playing soccer with “Coach Blyleven on Friday. Thank you to our special guest for sharing their talents with us!

  10. Thank you to our wonderful families for celebrating with us today! We will miss our kindergarten bound scholars. Thank you for sharing your delightful children with us and for your contiuous support. Have a wonderful summer!

  11. It’s great to hear about all of the accomplishments you are making Tiny Tots! You are growing up and learning so much. Happy spring! Love, Mrs. Hernandez

  12. Mrs. Goodenough, Mrs. Hernandez, and Miss. Johnson,
    Finding your program was truly a blessing. My daughter, Reba, attended your program for two years, and I am continually amazing by the amount of knowledge she has absorbed. Words can not describe how grateful I am, that the three of you, were my daughters first teachers. Your program, your impact as her teachers, has installed a love for learning, growth, and inspiration into my daughter. As a mom, especially a first time mommy, you want to know you made the right decisions when it comes to your child’s growth development and education. I believe without a doubt that your program, having you as teachers, was the best decision I could have ever made in terms of her education.
    On a final note, Reba did beautifully at her placement testing for Shoreline Christian School. She knew above and beyond what they tested her on. They even tested her on your evaluation paperwork and took special notes to how much she knew. At the end of her evaluation the teacher turned to me in shock and said: “Where does she go to preschool?” She also bragged to the principle about OC Tiny Tot program and “what an amazing teachers it must have.”
    So thank you, Stephanie, Marina, and Samantha for all that you’ve done for my little girl!

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