Graduation Week

Next week is our last week of Spring Session #2!  Our graduation ceremonies/parties will be Thursday and Friday, June 6th & 7th from 11:00-12:00 PM.  All family members are invited to celebrate in our students’ accomplishments!!  (Everyday students will participate each day.) Please sign up to bring something from our sign up sheet.  We still have a few spaces to fill.  We’d like all items to be brought the morning of the party to make set-up easier.


Our theme for our last week before the summer session will be “Pirates,” review of all consonants, and review of #’s 1-20.  Please bring your favorite pirate book or pirate words for extra stickers.

Our summer session begins June 17th!  There are two 3 week sessions; please register early, as we only have room for 20 students/day.  We will be welcoming our new aide, Miss Chea, for the summer.

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