January 18 – 22

This week’s theme is “Hibernation,” the letter Xx, writing #’s with precision 0-3, and the sight word: and. We will begin Show and Tell and Student of the Day. Please see the calendar heading for the days your student can bring an item to share with the class – no weapons, please. (Please discourage your child from bringing an item to share when it is not their day; unfortunately, there just isn’t time for everyone to share every day.)

For 5 extra stickers this week, take a photo of your child (email to sdgooden@yahoo.com) interacting with our Scholastic Magazine – My Big Word online. Go to http://clifford.scholastic.com/Issue-Archive. From there look at the Nov/Dec Issue – Shh…The Animals are Sleeping! (If you misplaced our password, please ask in class or email me – it’s a private class only password for us as paid subscribers.)



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